How it works
Complete overview of Employer and Freelancer on
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1. Post A Project
  • Simply tell us about your requirements and expectations for the project.
  • We filter through our available profiles and notify relevant freelancers to submit their proposals based on your requirements.
  • We aim to find the perfect match between you and the candidate.
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2. Evaluate and Hire

If you would like to search for an excellent freelancer yourself, that option is also available.

  • Browse the profiles present on our marketplace and find the suitable candidate
  • Refine your search by location, skill, experience, technical background, etc
  • Contact them to Request a Proposal for your Project Requirements.
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3. Review and accept Proposal

Once you post a project, you'll start getting proposals within minutes.

  • Review all these proposals and select the one that fits perfectly with your project, and award the contract to them.
  • As soon as freelancers accept a proposal, you'll have to make a down payment for the same, but rest assured that it'll be safe with us until project delivery and can be refunded.
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4. Monitor Your Project

With our inbuilt messaging system, chat, share files, and collaborate with freelancers to see how your job is done.

Monitor Progress
5. Only Pay When Satisfied

Once you get your project done, review it and see how it is and only pay when you are satisfied, or you can ask a freelancer to change or advance the project as you wish

Monitor Progress